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01 Lost Friends 播放 收藏 歌词 下载 铃声
02 Easier Said Than Done 播放 收藏 歌词 下载 铃声
03 Shame On You 播放 收藏 歌词 下载 铃声
04 One Day 播放 收藏 歌词 下载 铃声
05 The Letter 播放 收藏 歌词 下载 铃声
06 Passage 播放 收藏 歌词 下载 铃声
07 Same Girl 播放 收藏 歌词 下载 铃声
08 Without You (feat. Elizabeth Shepherd) 播放 收藏 歌词 下载 铃声
09 Breathing From The Belly 播放 收藏 歌词 下载 铃声
10 How To Ride A Bicycle 播放 收藏 歌词 下载 铃声

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“It's a rare album that comes along that truly sounds unique and independent of the rest. Toronto's The Jessica Stuart Few gave me one of those WTF moments, stopping me in my tracks for a good, close listen of the group's new Two Sides To Every Story…­ Stuart has a gorgeous voice, pure and expressiv…¡­ All that, and the distinctive koto playing, a blend not heard anywhere els”.–± ¨C Bob Mersereau, CBC MusInternationally-touring indie folk-jazz power trio, The Jessica Stuart Few has one of the newest sounds around. The band’ッs sophomore album,Two Sides to Every Story, was released to critical acclaim (dubbed, ‘endlessly charismatic’, by The Globe and Mail’s Brad Wheeler) with lead single ’ッDo’。ッt ’a。ッ being proclaim‘the perfect 3-minute pop song’, taking CBC Radio One’ッs "Song Of The Wee”。ア. Several music award nominations later, the band remains in regular rotation oBravo! TV and CBC while topping campus radio charts, and appearing on commercial airwaves in Japan, hitting #85 on the Tokio Top 100 and #38 on FM North Wave. During 2013 and 2014, Jessica has successfully toured across Canada and Japan, where she was on a music magazine cover and has distribution. She is now looking to take her unique sound and presentation to new markets.

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